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How We Make Our Goji Berries

Natively Grown and Hand Picked

Our berries begin their journey in Ningxia, China, renowned for its ideal climate for producing top-quality berries. We collaborate with agricultural experts and work with farmers to ensure that goji berries meet USDA organic standards, guaranteeing a pristine product for our consumers (you).

Drying and Flavor Locking

After being picked, our goji berries undergo a machine drying process that locks in their flavor at peak freshness.

Machine Sorting

Our first sorting process is through a machine that filters out contaminants and any defective berries.

Hand Sorting

For the final round of sorting, we inspect every berry piece by piece. This ensures that each and every berry that makes it to you is perfect!

Packing and Shipping

Finally, our berries are packed and shipped to facility near you!